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Focusing on great content, building links through high quality websites and effectively using social media can be an extremely effective way to gain traffic and rank well in the search engines.

Understanding what to focus on can help you save time, effort, money and sanity. here are some great link building tips to help you get the results you are looking for.

focus on providing great content that people want to link to.

I know that this may seem repetitive by now, but creating great content is one of the best way to get links once you start gaining traffic.

If you want people to link to your site you have to give them a reason to want to in the first place.

Few things are worse than directing people to your website only to have them leave immediately because they don’t like the content.

Don’t waste time building links to low quality or irrelevant websites.

Building links to websites that offer no value or have nothing to do with your content can be a big time waster.

You want to build links to websites that are similar in nature.

They don’t have to offer the same exact things that your site offers, but they should complement your website.

Focus on creating targeted traffic and don’t waste your energy on low return link building efforts.

For instance one website you frequent may teach individuals about the importance of SEO while your website teaches people the value of content marketing.

They both have different audiences but are similar enough that one site can influence and complement the other which can help build both audiences.

The more entertaining, original, unique and informative your content is the less you’ll have to worry about competition from your market.

Actively promote your content through social media platforms.

The more active you are in your social marketing efforts the more opportunities you have to gain traffic that can eventually link back to your website.

Being in contact with the visitors who view your site is a great way to build relationships, gain referrals, and create trust.

There are many great social media platforms available such as Facebook, twitter, social bookmarking sites, and blogs among others.

Use various marketing strategies. Pick two or three social media platforms to communicate with your audience.

Having a variety of outlets can help maximize your marketing efforts.

Don’t stretch yourself to thin though.

Using more than three social media outlets can be exhausting and cause more stress than usefulness.

Vary your keywords

using good long tail keywords can be much more effective than targeting high competition keywords.

Sure there is less traffic with longer keywords but the opportunity to rank high and get traffic to your site may be well worth the effort.

you don’t want to target keywords were you have no chance.

It’s better to get 100 visitors to your site with a long tail keyword than 0 with a short but highly competitive one.

The thought of gaining tons of traffic with highly competitive keywords can be very alluring, but if you’re competing with highly authoritative sites that have been building value for a long time you may be spinning your wheels.

Feel free to show some love and include any link building tips you may have in the comments.

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    Absolutely loved these tips, Patrick! I especially love what you said about building *relevant* links. That’s always been the hardest for me because reputable blogs on Peru are sparse! Maybe it would work if I extended my reach to the general concept of inspirational blogs. =)

    Thanks for having me think about this, Patrick! =)

    • says

      You’re very welcome. I hope you were able to find something useful that you can apply to your site. By the way I really love your inspirational posts. It’s great to see you doing what you love in such a beautiful place.

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    I’m working on SEO for my site right now. It’s a lot of work. Thanks for the tips, I’m looking to learn a lot about link building

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